Tuesday, January 31, 2012

comments please!

I want to create a forum on this page where people can share things they are doing to limit their environmental impact. It could be small, like using a non-disposable coffee cup, or big like buying a hybrid car. (ps, its ok to get a little competitive, but I will delete comments that are derisive so no picking on one another.)

Poof! You are all environmentalists! Now lets crowd source, there might be any number of ideas out there then many of us haven't thought of yet!


  1. I have been using the same coffee cup for more than two years now. Any of you that know me personally would recognize it if you saw it. REI orangeish brown and it still seals tightly enough with the lid closed to shake instead of stir!

  2. I love my near 0 emissions, computer controlled pellet stove. It is carbon neutral and qualified for the federal tax credit for converting to green technology. Kept us toasty through the last two winters of sub freezing temperatures! And it was locally manufactured on the Colville Indian Reservation.