Saturday, January 14, 2012

New product ideas

I have been thinking lately about new applications for social media and phones, here is a few that i have come up with.

In light of recent laws that have been growing in popularity, not to mention the inherent dangers of talking or texting while driving i would like to see a “sorry I am driving” button flash on screen when call or text is received. I have a “ignore or ignore with text” function all ready present on my phone. But if it was an option anytime the phone was in transit and was as easy as unlocking the screen it might help with compliance with current laws.

Personal green meter application for facebook. Basically make being green competitive. Consumers could register product ownership in order to fine tune “green meter” as a part of a social networking site. 

Example: if a owner of a Toyota Prius registers their car, an estimate of their carbon foot print can be added to the metric of the app. posting about the use of reusable shopping bags or the recycling of a computer can also effect the meter. Ultimately, users of this service can help target marketing to products in the emerging sustainable market as well as specific products that might augment current purchases. Like hybrid auto service, a company that sells custom shopping bags or computer accessories. While the idea of giving marketers even more information to work with sounds a little scary at first, I think I would prefer seeing adds for companies I would actually make purchases from or are happy to support rather than the mishmash of crap i am sometimes subjected to in my random internet wanderings.

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