Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pet product idea.

I loved having a dog. The long sunday walks in the park, the excitement of the dogpark and even the "what? this is my bed too now" looks I got when trying to claim more than my allowed corner. What I didn't like was the cleaning up the backyard droppings. The ones on the walk were to be expected and did not require searching around. But living in terror every time I had to cross the yard; especially at night if I forgot to take out the garbage and missed feces patrol the week before, was easily my least favorite part of coexisting with my canine companion.

I would like to see a scooping version of the roomba. It could come with its own doghouse equipped with solar panels to recharge it, and maybe even future advances could allow it to act as a lawn mower as well. But before we start getting ahead of our selves, lets talk target acquisition. In my mind I see a system that uses motion sensors combined with a heat seeking array that would monitor dog movements and respond to "movement behavior" specific to the act and dispatch the scooping bot like a dung beetle. Maybe even olfactory sensor technology has progressed to a point where it could also be employed with out disrupting the cost effective balance.

I guess it is either this or we start breeding dung beetles that respond to carnivore excrement.

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