Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday book review.

Usually I like to finish a book before weighing in on it, but in the case of Sean B. Carroll's "The Making Of The Fittest" I am too excited to wait.
Now I admit I am kind of a science nerd and read a lot of scholarly works heavily laden with jargon that i may well never be able to pronounce out loud, but this is not one of them. I am surprised by the accessibility of Prof. Carroll's work considering the body of hard science he presents. The chapter on "The everyday math of evolution" might seem a little hard for a math phobic to sit through, but title not withstanding he works it in subtly making the function seem interesting and truly explaining the components. He also goes on to debunk several myths about evolutionary theory in a matter of fact way that would have taken Richard Dawkins several chapters. I say this book is well worth the cover price and it will become a permanent addition to my library.

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  1. I especially liked his chapter on Ice Fish. Amazing critters.