Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Book Review

Who remembers what the world was like in 2002. We had just survived the 2000 midnight destruction of the earth and we found our selves with lots of stocked up can goods and water, sounds like a perfect time to write a book! When I look back on those times I remember optimism as we forged ahead into a new millennium.

Two books from that era are worth a second look in my opinion, “Biomimicry” by Janine M. Benyus from the late 90’s still reads like a futurists depiction of a possible sustainable planet complete with permaculture crops that don’t destroy the soil, computers that more closely resemble the human mind and materials plucked right from natures playbook that out perform the chemically intensive substances we currently use. It would be interesting to see; now more than a decade later where some of the experimental research has led. (If Dr.’s Suzuki or Benyus happen across this article, I would be first in line to buy a follow up book. Hint hint.)

The second book first printed in 2001 with a second edition in 2004; still before the political system neutered the American scientific community, is “Wild Solutions” by Andrew Beattie and Paul r. Ehrlich. While somewhat less fantastic than the previous book, also reads like a primer to inspire a new generation of scientists with ideas for research. Some of the ideas in this book inspire a desire to live closer to nature as it lets you into some of the tricks and tools in the survival kit of animals. Other passages give you hope for the battle we are losing with the ever intensifying antibiotic arms race.

Even if all you want is an escape to better times from a scientific point of view either of these titles might be found hiding in your local book store. Keep and eye out and keep reading!

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