Friday, January 20, 2012

Wedge issue voting

Often I hear the same issues cropping up around election time. Reproductive rights, entitlements, environmental, religious, and a wide variety of other social or fiscal issues. One thing I have noticed is how little is actually done about these issues when a political base takes power. The way I see it, the political parties don’t want real lasting change on these issues as they are necessary as whips to drive the voting populace to voting booths.

Remember Bush jr.? When he first took office not only did the republicans control the House the entire time, but the democrats didn’t take the senate until part way into his second term. If he really wanted to ax big government and out law abortion he had opportunity, what he lacked was motive. He was anything but a non-partisan compromiser, so any argument that he abstained out of some kind of altruism does not ring true. I think the facts speak pretty clearly that it was not in the best interest of the party to genuinely address these issues. He did manage to pull off the greatest bank heist of all time, robbing millions of American tax dollars and handing them over as “necessary” bank bailouts (free market my ass).

Now the Democrats are just as bad, they pretend to be led around by the nose and wring their hands, while monied interests line their pockets just as much every election season. The political brinkmanship has stopped even being somewhat convincing. To me it seems more like pro-wrestling, with the winners and losers chosen ahead of time and both reading from the same script. Truly if the founding fathers where alive today and aware of all that has become of our nation, I am sure they would advocate a second revolution.

If you look at what they could be doing and what they have done, it is pretty obvious exactly whose interests are being protected in DC. I'll give you a hint, if you make less than a million a year, it isn't yours.

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