Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Transparency in the information age.

The new anonymous in the age of paranoia is total transparency. The facebook generation has it down. If you are really interested you can see what people had for dinner last night, what movie they liked last week, what book they hated a month ago, etc. So what does this have to do with anonymity? Quite a bit. There is so much information available in the world about me, some I am sure I am not even aware of, that you would have to sift through quite a bit of profile blurbs and book quotations to find anything truly damning.

This growing maelstrom of raw data is impossible to prevent, unless you want to crawl into a cave and live off berries and rodent meat the rest of your life. Credit card transactions, phone and bank records, emails scoured for "marketing data", it is enough to make the paranoid skin crawl. Unless you plan on only communicating via parchment with sealing wax, you can safely assume anything you broadcast has to potential to be overheard.

So why fight it, tell the world what you really think, say it loud and say it proud. Say if often, and do not shy from letting your real identity be attached to your expressed thoughts. If "they" really want to know what I think, I'm going to tell them. I am not really worried about it. I am generally a law abiding citizen, I don't even cheat on my taxes.

For starters, I think the thought processes that go behind the decision making for our country are deeply flawed and short sighted. Defunding education (long term benefit) for bank bailouts and wars (no real or short term only benefits) is damaging the potential prosperity of our country. It is no longer in the realm of carefully weighted thought out planning, and has been infected by the kind of thinking that is rewarded in corporate environments that cycle quarter to quarter and sustainability beyond the next bonus cycle be damned.

It sends a clear message to me, that the people that hold offices directing our countries future are acting more for their own self interest than the long term interests of our country. They are failing us. Let me make clear that I am not entirely against the corporate model for business, it makes sense, businesses compete for survival and grow stronger because of it. But we cannot afford to have our country compete principally on short term goals, we need to build long term sustainable solutions to our problems for real strength. A kind of strength no corporation will ever understand.

Now all i have to do is put some hot words in here like "Terrorist plot" or "Bioweapon" and it will raise a red flag on a computer program and some poor soul in homeland security will have to read through my many pages of drivel to see if there is anything worth augmenting my file over. (sorry who ever you are, I know my writing is a little pedantic, I apologize).

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