Monday, March 26, 2012

Application for expatriation.

Dear world.
My name is Marcq. I am an American citizen in my early thirties. I am in college working towards a career in the biological sciences. I have no criminal record save a handful of speeding tickets years ago. I'll bet you are wondering why I am writing this. I feel compelled out of fear for my country.

Our political leadership is blindly driving us towards the cliff of complete collapse by clinging to ideals that are no longer feasible in a sustainable way. More frustrating; be it avarice or naivete, they seem to reinforce their bad decisions despite ample opportunity to correct the situation. They ignore the best interests of our majority while holding conference with a wealthy elite who will most likely only desert us once the going really gets tough. This wealthy elite keeps this power by the insidious methods; propaganda, leverage between segments of the populous, out right bribery of the officials that are meant to be our protectors, even the manipulation of capital and the price of consumer goods.

This stranglehold is so deeply entrenched I fear we will never overcome it. Much of our food comes from systems that resist regulation meant to protect us. Systems that were originally designed to provide opportunities; like lending institutions, have become predatory. Even education, the very bedrock of a successful society, is derided in our media and made increasingly difficult to finance. Environmental damage that will may take centuries to cease its impacts on ecosystems are ignored to protect the quarterly profit of a company. Nothing seems to be able convince the propagandized majority of our citizens let alone our political leadership that systemic changes need to take place and fast.

So here is my offer, I am hard working and I have many skills to draw upon. Furthermore, I feel I have the potential to achieve more as a scholar over my abilities in trades. I have no desire to be rich, just to have a fulfilling career and wage that is sufficient to make ends meet. I am kind, well meaning, honest, mindful of the wishes of others, and understand the cultural differences of collectivist and individualistic societies, I believe these traits will help me adjust to the cultural values and norms of almost any country. Please don't let me drown in debt encumbered slavery.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  1. Despite the staggering list of problems (or maybe because of them) why leave? We need your good qualities of mind and spirit now more than ever. Never back down from a fight when you are in the right.

    Besides, the whole world is connected. You would only wind up exchanging one set of problems for another overlapping set. Like it or not, this whole planet is stuck in the lifeboat together, so you better learn to navigate and row. Fast.