Friday, March 30, 2012

Civil Discourse

Walking out of the post office today, I was met with a very disturbing sight. Supporters of some fringe politician were tabling across the street near where I was parked, and displaying posters featuring Obama with a Hitler mustache and "Impeach Now" on them. I am as disappointed as anyone in Obama's collusion with corporate america, furthermore he is not even representative of my political party. This however was deeply offensive to even me.

The nature of political discourse in america has devolved into to grunts and arm waving that would embarrass a troglodyte. I am not Jewish nor a Obama supporter but anyone who is so blind to history as to equate the atrocities done by Hitler with someone like Obama, is degrading to the sensibilities of anyone with more than an elementary school education. It goes beyond a lack of tact into something akin to a heavy metal band using racial slurs to gain attention in the media.

I will not now, nor ever in the future lend support of any kind to any political entity who further degrades the civil discourse fundamental to a healthy political system.

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