Thursday, March 1, 2012

Class warfare? Really.

I keep hearing 'entitlements' punted around by people who tend on the conservative side. Let me make clear first this is not a apologist rally cry for 'saving the poor from them selves'. I don't really see welfare as a permanent solution to the problems our nation faces. I do think there are people out that in situations that require assistance, disabled americans for example.

What I do take exemption to is this concept that ending these so called 'entitlement programs' will shore up our failing economy. This irks me for several reasons; first of all, it was not the poorest americans that caused this problem, so shifting the burden off on to them clearly sends a message that there is class warfare taking place, just not in the direction the media pundents are pointing.

Second with; a run away war debt, tax loop holes for "job creators" who are not creating any jobs, and austerity measures already in place in many of the most important sectors like education and civil engineering, I think it is high time we start pointing the finger back. We are already victims of class warfare. We have already suffered the opening volleys of economic violence in a battle to shit america towards becoming a stratified third world like country.

Political actors don't make much effort to hide their intentions any longer, they feel confident that the majority of americans take the news that comes down from consolidated media sources at face value. But like bad poker players, they have bluffed far too many times and assume it will work to win the game. It is time to call them on it.

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