Monday, March 12, 2012

Energy: a new paradigm.

There is no source of energy on the planet (besides an arguable case for geothermal) that doesn't ultimately come from the sun. Petroleum was once vast tracts of forest or swamp like land that over millions of years has been converted into other forms via geological processes. We should all be thankful it happened too. The earth at the time would be considered very inhospitable for us as we are today. By sequestering massive amounts of atmospheric carbon in subterranean deposits, we are bestowed with a climate where water can exist at all three phases at once (ice, liquid and vapor).

Furthermore, for us a species of innovators to move past the technological phase of firewood and stone tools, petroleum was instrumental. However, the more we consume this resource, the closer to those inhospitable conditions of early earth we will come. It is time for us to stop wanton consumption of these invaluable resources and begin the cycle of harvest closer to the source.

I propose that those who choose to harvest their energy either directly from the sun (solar) or from solar processes that only move the solar energy back a few days or months (wind, hydro), are choosing to attain the next higher order of evolution. Conversely those who are choosing to remain dependent on solar energy harvested millions of years ago, are stagnating and will ultimately be selected against by natural processes.

The implications of this concept are basically, we need as sentient beings adhere to the evolutionary process known as reinforcement. We should begin the process of segregating our selves from the "early harvesters" and begin putting in place measures to prevent sharing their collective demise. This will be a long and hard process. But rewarding in the long run, as it is painfully obvious that ours is the only long term strategy with any chance of success.

So let the earth rapers enjoy the instant gratification of their SUV's and central air conditioning, we must learn to adapt to a changing world, and face the hard work necessary if our offspring are to have any chance of surviving in the unfortunate future we all must share.

I welcome comments. I would suggest threads on "sustainable farming with an emphasis on the challenges of a changing climate" and "protecting water resources".

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