Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The enemy within.

The case for global climate change is often fought against because of imprecise predictive models. When contemplating something like the entire earths climate, there are a great deal of factors to consider, and more are cropping up everyday. So the predictive power climate models is difficult to box neatly and distribute as a fact. But if a growing trend was for money to randomly disappear from your bank account, would you wait until you were broke to do something? Would you accept the banks answer that since you cannot predict when the next event would take place you shouldn't worry about it?

Global climate change is no longer a theory. We have actual documented extinctions directly the result of changing climate trends. The amplification of existing weather patterns, like longer hurricane seasons or the expansion of tornado risk areas can also be linked to changes in climate patterns. But even these can be difficult to stick to global climate change in the political spectrum. Where those who are literally killing us have the money to stay above threshold of power necessary to get away with it. If our political representatives actually had the national interests in mind things would be a lot different.

This issue is a stark reminder that our democracy has failed unequivocally. We are no longer represented by any party that currently has a stake in power. They pay us lip service and cajole us with wedge issues, but ultimately for anything to get done, it has to pass the litmus test of wall street, an amoral entity that is unabashedly self interested and appallingly short sighted. The founding fathers of our once proud nation would be heart sick to see their modern day counterparts so beholden to the wealthy minority. If they saw the wanton propaganda that passes for "news" from both sides of the fraudulent actors that pass for the necessary dialectic of a healthy system of checks and balances.

Wealth and GDP is not any kind of metric for success, sustainability is. Would you consider a project or life form successful if it did really well but for only one day? The success of our nation cannot be measured in a single lifetime, to do that is a grave affront to those who gave their lives for our country in the past in the interest of a better future. It is also unconscionable to forsake the lives of future generations for a profit today. Our system has been hijacked, in the most entrenched and insidious way, by manipulating our elected officials though campaign finance, the wealthy elite have found a way to play them off the voting public. Worse yet the nature of media consolidation works to actively propagandize our nation into buying into the fallacy of fair governance.

The fact that my voice as a citizen is considered less important than the influence of any corporate entity is all the proof I need that we no longer live in a democracy, but corporate dictatorship.

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