Saturday, April 14, 2012

The real conspiracy.

I was astonished to be confronted the other day by a flyer advertising a lecture titled "Global Warming: the truth and the myth" stapled to a telephone pole. There was a website listed, I am not going to give it here, because there is nothing redeeming on it at all. I can easily sum up its content briefly though. 'Scientists think they are smart, they fool you by talking in big words, they make mistakes, here are some of them, so they must not know what they are really doing.'

It was enough for me to return to the location where the flyer was to rip it down before any unsuspecting citizens happen across it and are infected with such drivel. Though they do strike at the heart of the problem with global climate change policy, and implementing change domestically, namely science literacy. There is an active propaganda campaign out there, one that represents a handful over people who have gotten very rich through heavy polluting industries. Oil companies along with auto, chemical, and plastic manufacturers have an obvious vested interest in preventing the kind of changes that need to take place.

They prey on a public that has suffered through decades of declining educational opportunities, and capitalize on the growing divide between the general public and the scientific community. The real myth is "the conspiratorial scientists" that want to "further their agenda" by promoting environmental policy. They have convinced people that environmentalists want to take away their way of life for some kind of vindictive punishment. Really, like I want to give up the convenience of a car, the luxury of hour long hot showers or sumptuous foods from all over the world delivered to my door. Of course I don't want to, but if it means the next seven generations will be able to eat at all, I am willing to.

Short sighted corporate greed is influencing political systems to endanger the lives of future generations. This is nothing short of genocide. It might not be happening now, but the trend is clear, and the act of convincing millions of Americans it is not in order to continue a short term goal based on quarterly profits is criminal. I for one, hope there is enough of a society left as the changes become too obvious to ignore to send the real conspirators to the gallows. I hope I live to see; every politician that accepts bribe money in the form of campaign contributions, every corporate executive who funds disinformation distribution, every last media propagandist, that participates in this truly unpatriotic system hung for what they are doing to our future.

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