Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Book Review

I just stumbled across a book that has profoundly changed my life. It turns out many of the concepts I have been clinging to are truly flawed. Renowned author and conservative journalist Glen Beck's "Broke: The plan to restore truth, trust and treasure", is truly an awe inspiring piece of supremely crafted ideals. I had no idea how many of our societies most troubling issues could be solved simply by shrinking the unnecessary scope of governmental interference into the robust system of market controlled capitalism.

Why are we punishing job creators with a lop sided tax system that places such undue burdens on them? They don't use 150 million dollars more roads or bridges than a middle class tax payer, why on earth should they have to pay more? It seems ludicrous. Worse off why are we charging them to pay criminals and deviants billions in government hand outs every year? It is time we stood up and put a stop to it!

I invite all you to join me today, April 1st 2012, in recognizing it as Beck day! After all, nothing else is really being celebrated today anyway...

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