Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Book Review

Have you ever heard a full grown adult express a take on a concept that you abandoned on the school yard as a small child? Something like "Oh yeah, your stomach will totally explode if you swallow pop rocks and mountain dew at the same time." Often in this situation you are far to taken aback by shear belief in such nonsense to explain that the trapped gas content of an entire bottle of soda and a package of candy isn't sufficient to cause any kind of harm. Or maybe it is politeness, that causes you to suddenly associate an irrevocable "unreliable source"  label in your mental file of this person, who might otherwise be perfectly reliable.

Thankfully, there is literature out there that is capable of explaining in exhaustive detail some of the most important topics of today's world. Richard Dawkins' "The Blind Watchmaker" is the kind of book you just want to carry around with you, so that you can provide a copy to anyone you encounter who might express a disbelief in evolution. Very much the Huxley of our time, he puts simple, yet exhaustive argumentation to such concepts as "Irreducible Complexity" and other old standby's of the misinformation propagandists. As an aside, anyone who tries the old "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?", well we now have archaeological evidence that the amniotic egg was developed during the late Paleozoic era, more than 300 million years before the first chicken like bird walked the earth.

If anyone has the global warming counterpart to this book, I would be very much interested in reading it. Also if there are any books you would like to see reviewed on Sunday Book Review, feel free to comment here, twitter, or google plus.

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