Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Education as an entitlement?

Recently a debate has sprung up on capital hill regarding student loan interest rates. Some contend they are nothing more than another entitlement program to be cut in the face of the necessary austerity measures needed to bring the federal budget back under control. Now for those of you who read this might not recognize the following writing style or word usage, but this really pisses me off.

Who the fuck do they think they are? Have they ran out of people to screw currently so they have to start screwing the future generations early? Equating education with the likes of welfare and other social programs has got to be the single most ignorant stance ever taken in the history of governance. Education is the fucking cure to the welfare state. Crime rates and poverty are inversely proportional to educational access. Anyone advocating more barriers to education for the general public is truly a traitor against the national interest.

I understand that finding ways to encumber the american people with debt is important to creating a docile work force, but the methodology of forcing future innovators into indentured servitude isn't just the kind of short sighted decisions we are used to seeing coming out of the political spectrum, but a new level of avarice. Do we really want the scientists of the future forced into discovering slightly longer lasting versions of viagra instead of working on cures for less profitable diseases?

Science is not market directed. If an avenue of scientific exploration doesn't have a clear path to a marketable product, it will simply languish in the private sector. Many of the scientific advances we take for granted in our daily lives came from spin offs of what was once unpractical science. Computers are a perfect example of this. So is GPS navigation, or velcro, or many of the petroleum products we consume, all of these were spin-offs from research directed in other ways.

If the great scientific minds of human history were shackled with a mortgage on their minds much of the progress we point to as the barrier that separates us from the likes of cavemen would have undoubtedly been stifled. There are plenty of other "golden cows" that make up the federal budget that could be stream lined with much greater effect on the deficit, like the run-away military spending, that don't attack the future of our nation.

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  1. I would suggest that this and all other 'austerity' measures being foisted on the general public by the right wing corporate/fascist political toadies are either nakedly greedy attempts to concentrate yet more power and wealth in the hands of the few or retributive counterattacks aimed at OWS and the unions. The demoralizing effect on the student population must be their primary motive as the amount saved is mere peanuts compared to the budget busting of the Military/Industrial sacred cash cow.