Monday, May 14, 2012

Forgiveness: The weapon of the protester.

The growing resentment of the disenfranchised youth is starting to manifest itself in protests. With the political attacks on education currently taking place in Washington DC this is likely to grow as over the summer many students have to face the harsh reality of student debt. I worry that some of this anger and resentment will be unjustly aimed at the police force.

It serves no greater good to fight against the propagandized victims who are in most cases simply doing their job. Sure a handful of cops are being overly aggressive, but I see that as more of a symptom of a much larger problem. I am sure that in time, we will see that within the culture of the police force, their actions are out of fear and repression spawned from pressures higher up in the chain of command over the visible foot soldiers. They have not yet come to realize that the system they are fighting to defend will eventually turn on them as well if they succeed.

It is important to keep protests civil. As the manipulators behind the scenes attempt to quell popular opinion, attacks will undoubtedly become harsher, but if we as a people stand firm in the resolve to keep non-violent, sooner or later the enforcement apparatus will begin to question the motives of the decision makers. Remember that they too are humans, who fear losing their jobs or their lives, if violence escalates it will only make it easier for them to turn a blind eye to the just nature of our cause.

Forgiveness is the greatest weapon we have. If our actions continue to remain peaceful despite the disrespect of the propagandized enforcers our numbers will surely grow, if we slip into the dangerous cycle of violence not only does it justify their response, but it limits new participation. Don't let the persistent evils pulling the strings win by dividing us on front lines with each other. I can assure you that the real target of our anger will not be found on the street, but in the offices of those who have chosen to expand their purview past their rightful place.

Ending corporate influence of politics will not be accomplished by fighting our own police force or by defacing public property. Violent action will only lead to having the rights of our constitution further stripped from us. Already, freedom of speech is barely a vestige of what was once a proud tradition in our country, don't let them justify further eroding it. Stand up for what you see as right, but not by doing what is wrong.

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  1. Right on. Anger and violence will only rebound in your face. My motto is: 'Never get into a pissing contest with a Skunk.'