Sunday, May 13, 2012

Politics incorporated.

The model of corporate leadership that is infecting american politics is especially troubling in the context of environmental policy. Corporations are amoral enterprises that are solely focused on short term gains. The current model of corporate success is based on the income level of top level management on a yearly basis. Climate change is impossible to successfully counteract within this model because of the lag time between cause and effect.

If our carbon emissions are not curtailed today to nearly pre-industrial levels the harshest effects will not be felt by those in power today, those effects will be felt by the humans 100 years or so in the future. The sad truth is for those over the age of fifty are not going to face the problems in store. They will drift off into their twilight years riding the remaining vestiges of the status quo like the last bastions of innocence. Sticking my generation and those after me with the bill.

So it makes perfect sense for them to deny climate change or fight tooth and nail against real change. Why should they make any sacrifices if they are not going to directly benefit from them? They have bought into a pathological lie propagated by sociopaths who are simply not concerned with the future past their own lifetime. Now this is not a call to start distrusting anyone over a certain age, or start a young vs old class war. There are plenty of older people who do understand and are willing to make changes in their lives to benefit the great grand children they will never meet.

Sadly those individuals are not a majority in the political sphere. The current political actors that govern america are too much like the early industrialists who saw no issue with pumping waste directly from their factory into rivers and lakes. Citing costs or economic damage to prevent change is treason as it directly effects our national security in the future. Those who continue to insist the corporate model is acceptable for the political system are traitors to our country.

The market has its place; when consumer choice can act as a limiting counter force, the corporate model is perfect. For compulsorily systems or altruistic endeavors like health insurance or environmental policy and education, proponents of the amoral system of the corporate model are a out right threat to our national security. We cannot afford to let those who will not choose to act in the best interests of our nation continue to have the strongest influences in politics any longer.

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