Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Write in for a Change.

Hey America! And yes I mean ALL of America, not left or right leaning America, or tea party America, or green party America, but all Americans. Do you really feel as though your best interests are being served by our elected officials? I know I don't.

The political system as it is today seems to have become a shell game of empty campaign promises where the lack of real progress is blamed by participants across the line of demarcation between "conservative" and "liberal". Yet any time a corporate agenda wills it, those same actors fall all over them selves to cooperate. Our political system is a wholly owned subsidiary of amoral corporate interests. I for one am sick of it.

It is time to send a warning shot across their bow. Vote for your genuine interests from now on. I don't care if those interests are best represented by libertarians or greens or the tea party or socialists. Just write in anyone from out side the corporate controlled political two party spectrum. Don't let them cow you with fear of "the other guys" or drive you with wedge issues they have no real interest in actually addressing any longer. Both parties are nothing more than two corporate controlled factions manipulated to maintain the illusion of choice.

Like advertisers imploring you to choose coke vs pepsi when both are filled with diabetes causing high fructose corn syrup. In reality you can  choose; coffee, or tea, fruit juice, or even clean water and be much better off for it! If you feel there is a party, no matter how unlikely they are to gain power, that better represents your interests, you owe it to your self, to the nation, and to our collective future to stand up for those principals.

It is time to remind those who have gotten lazy about maintaining the farce of political representation that the voting public still has significant power in America. This is about restoring the people's voice in the political sphere of influence. The time for "R" and "D" is over, it is time to "I"mplement!

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