Friday, June 8, 2012

The Powers that be.

The current state of american politics leaves many of us entirely un-represented. Companies like AIG have spent millions of dollars to contribute to the campaigns of political actors, giving them access to the political system very few of us can match.

So since financial institutions and other major corporate actors have chosen to abscond with such a disproportionate amount of political clout, maybe we as the general public should look to them for solutions for the problems we face today.

It is time to start writing letters and flooding email in-boxes of the companies who really hold the power. It is time to let them know we understand how things are, and since they took it upon them selves to be magnates for power, they better start acting responsibly in the eye of history.

This will not be an easy battle, corporations are essentially amoral entities. What little good they do in general is often only for PR. They cannot hide behind the message of "we are just a bank, how is this in our interests?" forever. They chose to take more power over our political leadership than should be in their purview, so the onus has shifted onto their shoulders to for a corporate moral structure into their thinking, lest they be responsible for the destruction of the future of our nation.

So pick a bank, or an industry, make your name known to the boardroom with an avalanche of letters phone calls and emails. Tell them you know how much power they have, and collectively we will ensure that the lens of history will hold them accountable. It is time to stop ignoring the situation, or wringing our hands conceding power without accountability. Please post in the comments section, so we can all direct our efforts collectively.

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