Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oil, the driver of avarice.

There are many who are content to allow the future of our nation, and to an extent, our home planet to be controlled and manipulated by those who have gained status as the wealthy heads of business. Allowing a disproportionate share of political clout to fall in the hands of only those are capable of affording it by shrugging to "the system as it is". This apathy is not only helpful to those who desire power for selfish ends it is necessary.

The apathy rampant, especially in younger generations, is carefully crafted by those who seek to shape public opinion. They infect educational systems with bloated bureaucracies and pollute entertainment media with propaganda to create a false sense of monolithic permanency. This is plain and obvious in the lens of history, when carefully observing the homogenizing effects these two systems have had on society.

When considering domestic energy policy, the most powerful lobby group in the game is fighting to keep america dependent on oil. We subsidize an industry that has put more shareholders on Forbe's lists than any other. We have even sacrificed the lives of countless soldiers to protect the interests of these nakedly greedy thieves. Yet they betray the national interest by chafing at tax burdens despite their dependence on the services (like the eleven carrier groups deployed by the navy to protect shipping interests).

It cannot be said that they grew malignant over time, they started out as a cancer on the body of the public. In 1914, the reason Royal Dutch/Shell group expanded into the american market was defensive. Standard Oil was more than willing to hike domestic prices to off set losses in the European market as it attempted to out compete The Group. They have no loyalty to any nation or consumer market yet today they wield more political influence than any domestic citizen organization.

We need to get our country back. We must purge the political influence of those who will turn on our national security in a heartbeat if the margin of profit was right. Media propagandists are traitors to our nation. The apathetic are traitors to our nation. Those who seek tax loop holes despite demanding services are traitors to out nation. Those who would stand idle as our political system is bought and sold openly are traitors to our nation. It is time to take a stand.

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