Sunday, September 30, 2012

The psychopaths on welfare.

I have never understood why corporations want to shirk tax burdens. They receive a disproportional level of benefit from the types of systems that taxation creates. Systems like social security have the direct effect of lowering long term retirement expenditures for a business that employs american workers. How do you calculate how much infrastructure benefit (like roads and bridges) american businesses rely on for shipping their good or allowing their employees to commute.

Police and firemen protect private property on ground level and trade agreements protect business interests internationally. Municipal water and waste treatment systems are expanded to accommodate the expansion of private enterprise, from manufacturing to office parks. The US Navy maintains eleven carrier groups in international waters at all times to protect american shipping interests. We have paid billions of dollars as tax payers to fund clean up after ecological disasters from irresponsible mining or oil extraction operations.

Yet despite all we have done, as tax payers, to support business, all they seem interested in is bringing down the quality and safety of the products and services they provide to extract a little more profit. They have wormed their way into the pockets of OUR representatives in local, state and national offices, with the single minded interest of expanding their profit margins. This takes different forms, it can be: direct subsidies, deregulation, tax loop holes, or even favoritism in the competition for government contracts.

Often this places the people we have elected in juxtaposition with our interests. Take for example deregulation in the banking industry. You would have thought that the lessons we learned as a nation during the first great depression that it is important that banks keep separate the books they keep for in house lending and the money they make available to stock market trading. If a bank lends someone money to buy a house, that deal should be between you and the bank, not you the bank and your cousin's retirement fund. If they stand to profit from the interest they charge you for the mortgage, then they should solely face the risk.

Instead of working in good faith with in the intent of regulation, most major corporations expend a great deal of energy pushing the limits of the letter of the law to get away with as much as they can. This comes at a great cost to everyone. Those of us who rely on ecosystem services (read ALL OF US) and are faithful law abiding citizens, are now out voiced and out classed by an out of control juggernaut with a strangle hold on the system intended to protect us.

The psychopaths are tightening their grips on our way of life, from the food we eat to the zeros at the end of our pay check. Worst part is, we are paying them to do it.

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