Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Congressman Broun.

I am not a constituent of yours but it has come to my attention that you are professing a disbelief in evolution. Normally this kind of ideology is to be expected coming from the right and wouldn't be so alarming. Your particular case as a Medical Doctor and appointee to the committee for science and technology makes this particularly worrisome. 

Any physician who practices medicine is our nations front line against disease. It is written into the oath that as a doctor you must do no harm. Choosing to be blind to a important part of how the human body works in the context of how it evolved is exactly antithetical to that oath. 

I strongly believe that a competent understanding of evolutionary biology directly contributes to a person's effectiveness at protecting our nation as viral pathology and immunology including antibiotic mechanism, all require understanding the problems we face in the proper context. 

Please in the interest of national security step down from your post on the science advisory counsel. As for any individuals who might be harmed by poorly made decisions please stop practicing medicine. 

Thank You.

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