Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get involved!

The current (US) presidential election cycle is unprecedented. The supreme court ruling in the case of Citizens United vs The Federal Elections Commission has changed the political dynamic in profound (and profane) ways. By opening the door to wealthy corporate influence, our political leadership is no longer beholden to the American people, but to those who brandish the stick of public opinion.

This is not a failing of government, but a gross manipulation of political system that was not designed to handle the modern worlds technologically interconnected nature. Today, the political leaders who are supposed to represent the interests of our nation are under constant threat and pressure by those who wield propaganda or direct campaign financing. The story of stuff project made a simplified video explaining how the mechanism works.

The answer is simple and can only be accomplished by direct action  by the american people. We must free our political system from the stranglehold of regulatory capture and other manipulations of the system.  The link above redirects you to a campaign to amend the constitution. How involved you want to get is up to you, but make no mistake, this is your fight.

The political climate of today is such that no cause will gain any traction on capital hill with out corporate sponsorship, making this is a truly bi-partisan effort. I understand that in such a politically divisive time it is hard to conceive of a universalizing movement, but every one; from conservatives who worry about immigration reform or the moral framework of our nation, to environmentalist who strive to make a better planet, to social justice fighters who work for equality, have this problem in common.

This is the first step towards the ONLY way to bring our nation back to a place where an idea lives or dies on the senate floor solely based on the merit of its argumentation and not whose lobby is supporting or against it. Short of revolution, supporting this amendment is the last, best hope for restoring any semblance of a representative democracy in our nation. Are you a patriot?

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