Monday, October 1, 2012

The truth about "Chem-Trails".

I wanted to do a piece on a topic that has been becoming more and more prominent on the internet. The so called "Chem-trail conspiracy". With over 90,000 hits on YouTube it is becoming one of the fringes biggest agenda items. 

But there is a simple explanation for increasing persistence of jet con-trails, global climate change. According to NASA (under "Global Surface Temperature") the earth is warmer today than it was before air travel became commonplace. Warmer globe means more Atmospheric water vapor. Con trails start out as the emission of combustion bi-products, as these cool they are composed of and attract water vapor. Higher vapor density means longer lasting con-trails.

Even more convincing is the economics of the concept. Of the 11,000 MILLION gallons of jet fuel consumed by the US last year alone, even a one part per thousand additive of the kind of chemical capable of causing the kinds of diseases cited would be seriously cost prohibitive. Secondly, regulatory bodies like the FAA, EPA through the ASTM tightly regulate jet fuel composition.

Looking for some kind of dubious tie to a phenomena that has a sound scientific explanation to blame the declining birth rates or increase of disease is not science. But it might be an GCC denier astro-turfing campaign in response to the 1990 IPCC report that indicated an increase in global atmospheric water vapor.

Besides there are much better point sources to investigate first. In the same time frame that "chem-trails" have become more common so have; cell phones (a point source of microwave radiation), plastics, chemicals in food processing, bio-accumulation of chemicals in everything from seafood to beef, paint compounds have changed, volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are everywhere as the bi-products of most manufacturing technologies.

The point is, it is impossible to blame something that even at its highest concentrations (if lets say half of all jet fuel was "chem-trail" chemicals) is still significantly less present in anyone's personal environment compared to car exhaust or manufacturing chemicals left over on the plastics ubiquitous in modern daily life.

As always, I welcome your comments, and will not omit or edit any of them (even from conspiracy theorists).

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  1. Two things not mentioned that make it impossible for me to believe in chemtrails:
    1) Scientists *world-wide* have debunked it. Meaning if it is a conspiracy, it is a world-wide one. We can't even stop bombing each other, so I find it highly unlikely that we can all put aside our differences in order to poison our people secretly.
    2) Why on earth would people poison their own friends, families, and loved ones? These contrails are everywhere. If they were indeed filled with chemical poisons, those that gave the ok are living on the same earth as the rest of us and subject to the exact same atmosphere. Why would they agree to poison themselves as well?

    Anyhow, there's my two cents. Thanks for writing about this.