Monday, October 15, 2012

Vote with heart, not with fear.

I have advocated for writing in or voting for a 3rd party candidate this election. Several of my lefty friends (I call them centrists) have preached fire and brimstone to me for it. They see Romney as the worst of the worst and any vote "wasted" will only strengthen his position. I am not so easily dissuaded nor will allow my vote to be cowed with fear developed by in group/ out group tactics.

A professor once told me while we were discussing ground water resource management that "people are not going to care about clean drinking water until green sludge comes out the tap" and to a large extent he is right. The apathetic majority are perfectly content to mill along in the traces of their social construct despite the world crumbling around them.

To this end I see Romney as sort of an anti-hero. Romney represents the last wave of capitalism. His business experience is based on swooping in on an organization in trouble and selling off everything he can, firing everybody employed, and pocketing the profits. Despite all of his american exceptionalism rhetoric, his record shows that he is quite flexible when it comes to acting in the narrow capitalistic business interests. His short sighted policies will surely disenfranchise a large segment of the population, especially considering the challenges climate change will present over the next four years.

Secondly, the scope of the changes needed for our nation to shift to a post carbon economy will be much easier with the majority of Americans slipping into abject poverty. Poor people consume less. They have a lower standard of living. So greener transition elements will be seen as nation building in the post Romney era. As more and more of the apathetic majority find their personal interests on the wrong side of a cost benefit analysis, I predict greater involvement in politics.

Romney sees himself apart from the general population because of his religion, and he probably sees america as nothing more than another troubled asset to glean a profit margin from. Maybe seeing what the principals of purely capitalistic motivation combined with a religious zealots ambitions being applied to our government can do will wake more people up in the long run.

As always, I welcome your comments and responses and will not edit or omit any of them.


  1. Is your argument that Romney will galvanize the disaffected? Isn't that what folks said about "W"?

  2. Yes, in a way. Look at the post "W" popularist movements that sprang up. The Occupy and tea party groups will only gain support under the rampant and naked avarice that "W" cleared the brush for. Romney cannot help but play the King Louis XVI role due to his dissociative nature. He is not at all prepared to handle GCC (His website doesn't even mention GCC and the "energy policy" tab reads like 'drill, drill, drill'). As the price of "bread" climbs the let "them eat cake" mentality of deregulation will soon bring about intolerable conditions that no amount of Bush-esc fear mongering will control. People will stop listening to rhetoric when it cannot be heard over their stomachs.