Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Nation in Transition.

Extreme weather events, fishery collapse, and the ramifications of the decline in biodiversity have on ecosystems we depend on for clean air, water and food is starting to smash the cognitive dissonance of those who still doubt the anthropogenic causes of climate change. As I write this, Wall Street in New York City is running on a gas powered generator. This isn't just a warning shot across the bow, but the first jabs from a undefeated prize fighter.

As a nation we have historically invested a significant portion of our financial resources to defend our national security. It is time to put that same muscle behind protecting our nation and its citizens once again. Make no doubt about it, transitioning our economy to the paradigm of the post fossil fuel realities we need to face will be hard. But we are a strong and innovative people. We have historically faced unflinching challenges much greater. We came from behind to seal our legacy in the space age by completing the monumental task of planting the American flag on the moon.

The hardest part will simply be purging our political system of those whose financial interests conflict with national security. Historically, international petroleum corporations have acted against our nations interests by raising domestic consumer prices in order to under sell competitors in foreign markets. They constantly shirk their tax burdens despite reliance on our nations military force. Today they are actively propagandizing Americans to resist facing the realities of climate change. No entity in my life time has ever presented such a clear threat to our national security.

We have the know-how and the technology exists to maximize efficacy and minimize environmental degradation. While the transition to a post carbon economy will be hard for some companies and even harder for many individuals, in time the same innovation and dedication that made business succeed in a carbon based economy will bring success in a post carbon economy. The same skill and ability that drove our nation's development over the last century, when harnessed in sustainable direction, will once again bring about a push for infrastructure adaptation that will ensure a safer future for subsequent generations.

Like our forefathers who scratched out a hard won existence as pioneers in the new frontier, we too must commit to the work of transforming the rough shod and scattered America created by fossil fuel reliance into a system where we are no longer dependent on such a limited resource.

As always, I welcome your comments and criticisms and will not edit or omit any of them.

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  1. I like your call to action in a positive way. It gets really tiresome to hear the voices of those who spend all their time and energy on blaming, finger pointing, and ranting. They sound like bleating sheep. No matter how many times and how many ways one says "ain't it just awful and unfair," the problems won't get any better or any closer to solutions. By invoking the pioneering spirit that took us to the Moon, you set us on the hard, but hopeful, path to a better world. All I have to add is "Hooray." Now lets get on with the work.