Monday, February 11, 2013

Education and environmentalism.

Life starts today. Go! I have been on hiatus for the last few weeks and a lot has changed for me. It is time to kick off the struggles of the past and start a new chapter. 

I am not currently enrolled in school. I am not far away from obtaining a degree in biology from the California State University system. But for purely economic reasons I am having to pull out and reenter the workforce in the private sector. The administration governing the system I was apart of used a thick tangle of bureaucracy to exploit money from the stream of students passing through their hands. Instead of seeking the best route to educate people, the administrators of the system were forced to work in manner antithetical to the purpose of the system because they were tied to a financially focused model.

Lets look at another example of where this focus has failed us. Environmental protection requires regulation, yet more often than not, the regulators who write and enforce the rules come from the industry in question. It is not hard to understand that when profit is prized over all else, self regulation is about as realistic as any other form of collective will power. If we can't as a society completely eliminate baser activities such as rape and murder from our collective, then what chance do we have against lesser crimes such as incremental environmental degradation.

You can't just ask a company that is used to drinking from a fire-hose of profit to settle for one glass at a time. Today embracing austerity would represent the highest percentage of net positive change the private sector could make towards proper environmental stewardship. While environmental protection waxes and wanes in regulatory power and oversight through the mechanism of the political body, the purpose often is lost. The notion of cap and trade for example is abhorrent from an environmental best practices view point. Putting a price on the right to pump deadly pollution into our collective air, implies that it is a right someone should even be able to obtain.Yet the profit motivated and the power hungry would lead us to believe even this meager compromise would be unbearable.

We as a society cannot afford any longer to let this way of thinking continue to metastasize unchecked though our political leadership. So much of the progress we take for granted has come with an environmental price tag that has not been paid and the account due is accruing interest. The notion of earth as an eternal immutable provider is as antiquated as it is dangerous. We know that climate change is being influenced by human activity. We are taking carbon that was safely sequestered underground millions of years ago and dumping it into the atmosphere of today at an alarming rate. 

History will record the greed and avarice of mankind as the main factor of our own demise if we don't respect that we are only apart of the biosphere and not the masters of it. 

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