Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forget the bum on the rail, fear the bum on the plush!

I find it remarkable that we (American's) still haven't made the changes needed to recover from our economic woes. We have a model that worked in the past, brilliantly in fact. The model I refer to was the New Deal. When we invested from the bottom up, not only did we strengthen communities, but the lasting legacy of infrastructure investment is still playing an important part of peoples lives generations later. The WPA for example has left behind bridges, roads and buildings all across our nation that are still in regular use.

Despite the successes of the past, the current orthodoxy in our government has been pulled so far to one side that it has simply abandoned the majority of us. Since the 1980's, where Reagan introduced the concept of "trickle down economics", our government has drifted farther and farther from being functionally competent for anyone who cannot afford to sway political interests financially. We all know, that those who are wealthy are perfectly capable of developing systems for protecting and growing their wealth without depending on the government to aid them.

I have also argued that business disproportionately benefits from systems that are publicly funded. I have used examples; ranging local roads and civil services to international politics and military protection, to illustrate exactly how businesses get large returns for their ever shrinking tax contribution. Even more shocking is the nature of direct subsidy. If you take into account the subsidies being distributed directly to the petroleum industry for example, we probably pay more than $10 per gallon every time we fill our gas tank.

Yet talk about a progressive tax system; the likes of which kept our nation strong through world war II after pulling us out of The Great Depression, and politicians wither in fear and huddle under a blanket of rhetoric. If Washington DC was a plane, it has clearly been hijacked and is being flown directly into financial catastrophe, the controls in the hands of single-minded economic terrorists. The goal of these terrorists is to completely entrench social stratification and create a disenfranchised working class.

The evidence is clear, wages have stagnated, social programs are maligned as entitlements, and political will is bought and sold as a commodity. If the founding fathers could see the complete corruption of their accomplishments, I am sure they would be heartsick. We have to take our nation back, one person, one vote at a time. The oppression felt by the majority of Americans as our homes and livelihoods are stripped from us by what amounts to robber-barons in the financial sector, petroleum industry and other entrenched private interests will only be alleviated by clear referendum.

Going forward, commit to voting at every election, even the local dog catcher if necessary. The voter apathy in america is not a cultural relic but a carefully crafted workaround of our rights. Don't let your opinions be swayed by pundits and media personalities, they only seek to coerce you into buying what they are selling. Rationally analyze your needs and interests and vote (or write in!) for the best choice, not for some lesser of two evils. We are all in this together, and we are counting on you!

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  1. Your point is well taken (and well expressed, too.) We can all agree that the real criminals sit in the control rooms of corporations and power. . . but what the hell do we do about it? Maybe we can vote our way out of this, but I have my doubts. The money and power at the top is too concentrated to allow it. They will simply dissolve the Constitution, or just continue to hollow it out as they have been doing for decades. I think we need a real do-over. Let it all crash, taking the rich and powerful down with it, so we can start over. I'll bet you and I are a lot better at being poor then they are. After all, we've had a lifetime of practice.