Monday, July 1, 2013

Post carbon Economy pt.3

The Path forward.

Even if you are not an environmentalist, there are still plenty of reasons for austerity of petroleum consumption. None the least of which is the dependency our society has on this precious and limited resource. In simple terms, we cannot continue to blow our entire paycheck on payday. We have to start budgeting if we are going to be successful in the future.

The key to bringing intelligent consumption to the table on a national level will be a combination of campaign finance reform and personal accountability. Across the nation, people have already taken steps toward the second one. Higher efficacy systems are being employed to replace ageing ones everywhere. That is an important first step. Some are even starting to make the kind of personal sacrifices that are really needed.

The first one is starting to gain traction as well. Organizations like; RepresentUs, Public Citizen, and several more are working to tackle the problem head on with public campaigns designed to show who our elected leaders are really working for. This is the main cause that should unite the many disparate struggling for change in the political system.

Civil rights, environmentalism, social justice, and many other causes can only stand to gain from supporting the movement that would transition our political system away from representation for the highest bidder, back to representation for all constituents. I am entirely convinced that it is time to drop our many flags and unite under one banner to restore our democracy to the people. If we win this one, it will only be because we have fought together without letting our individual interests divide us.

Once this first step is completed, all of our causes will benefit provided they have enough popular support. It is imperative that the representative democratic ideals of the founding fathers are heeded once again. As long as we can be kept divided into smaller controllable factions, the seemingly monolithic corporate entities that currently sway the majority opinions of our politicians will stand firm on their deeply flawed convictions.

Anyone who desires meaningful change at a governmental level, regardless of the specific motivation, would be well served to get behind the movement to limit the influence of money over politics. As always, I encourage comments and criticisms and will not edit or omit anything.